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Baking our Wedding Cake

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

I think it started as a joke; that we would make our wedding cake. Someone had asked, and we in jest replied, 'we will bake the cake!' And it morphed into something that we may be, possibly, amongst everything else, would do, and potentially enjoy.

Our wedding cake

There wasn't much thought about the flavors of each cake, we weren't looking for it all to match, but rather that we liked each cake. We ordered this cool cake stand so that each cake would be kept separate, and that we wouldn't have to worried during the ceremony about the cake tumbling down. Over the year, we had been baking cakes for orders and experimenting along the way. So we quickly settled on a lemon yoghurt cake with lemon curd filling, red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and macarons, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. We wanted variety, in taste and decoration.

The lemon yoghurt cake was our top tier, and a had stalkerish essence added; Rachel Khoo, one of my food idols, developed this recipe as her wedding cake so with Faeme being as understanding as he is, knew I wanted it at our wedding too. The lemon cake is moist and fragrant and keeps well for days. Like Rachel, we wanted a little icing on this cake and opted for a naked look, but instead of topping with edible flowers like her, we candied some lemon for a gleaming hem to the bottom of the cake.

The rugged red velvet cake made its reappearance; this cake is moist and enrobed with a dreamy slightly tart cream cheese icing that feels like what I imagine Southern hospitality would be like. We topped it with haphazardly placed macarons that looked like it was cascading down the cake.

Last, the bottom tier. The idea of this cake was borne from a request when baking the farewell cake for a fellow from work. He loved confectionary, and because the cake order was made the day before the farewell party, we took the easy way out and bought most of the topping: Cinnabon, Krispy Kreme Donuts and churros. The sponge is our classic chocolate cake sponge (also used for our wedding favors, see upcoming post) and the icing: peanut butter flavored. We completed the overload cake with a chocolate ganache drip and a toppled cone of salted caramel popcorn.

Baking it went smoothly; we were at home in Pietermaritzburg and created a good vibe, with karaoke tunes playing. Within an afternoon, two days before the wedding we were able to bake and ice each cake. We kept the decorations in little containers along with extra icing in piping bags to finish the decorating on the wedding day.

The day before the wedding we drove the cakes carefully around the windy Midlands roads to Balogwan, The Glades Farm. We stored it overnight in the fridge and then on the morning of the wedding, I did the finishing touches before getting ready for the big day.

All in all, it was a very happy memory of the wedding preparation. Minimal stress and lots of fun. The cake was gone before we knew it. And we hope it was enjoyed by everyone at our wedding.

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