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Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy browsing the site and are inspired to bake a cake or maybe place an order for one:) 

x Kevoulee 


Hi and welcome! My name is Kevoulee.

My passion from the age I was ten, has been food- cooking and baking and eating. This intense love of food stemmed from my mum’s side of the family- we would all be eating a hearty breakfast together and my uncle would already be asking not only what was for lunch but supper as well. Over the course of this time, I have poured over cookbooks like novels and spent most of my free time watching cooking programs. Food is my life; I go to bed thinking up recipes, wake up hungry to begin cooking and research techniques, ingredients, and concepts.


Beginning Thirty-One Bake Shop was happy accident: after baking for a family friend's wedding the question was raised about selling my baking and so it the bakery was borne- originally from mum and dad's home, number 31.


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