Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy browsing the site and are inspired to bake a cake or maybe place an order for one:) 

x Kevoulee 


Hi and welcome! My name is Kevoulee, I am a 28-year-old, living in Johannesburg, South Africa with husband, food photographer, and good-vibe-giver Faeme. I love to cook and bake for him, my brother in Pretoria and Mum and Dad in Pietermaritzburg. 


This is going to sound like I have massive confidence issues (not entirely untrue), but I never really thought that I would ever write I blog of sort-  I never felt that my opinion on food was something that anyone would ever voluntarily read; but I feel now more than ever I need it to bring some happiness to get me through. So now I have decided that blogging about my relationship with food would give me some joy and maybe even hopefully provide you with some recipe ideas, restaurants to try and hopefully maybe order a cake or two.


My passion from the age I was ten, has been food- cooking and baking and eating. This intense love of food stemmed from my mum’s side of the family- we would all be eating a hearty breakfast together and my uncle would already be asking not only what was for lunch but supper as well. Over the course of this time, I have poured over cookbooks like novels and spent most of my free time watching cooking programs. Food is my life; I go to bed thinking up recipes, wake up hungry to begin cooking and research techniques, ingredients, and concepts.


Beginning Thirty-One Bake Shop was happy accident: after baking for a family friend's wedding the question was raised about selling my baking and so it the bakery was borne- from mum and dad's home, number 31.